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Start with Impact 1- Transformation

By Adam Gustine | November 9, 2018

Eric Reis’, in his book, The Lean Startup, talks about the temptation for business owners to use vanity metrics— numbers the project the appearance of success but which actually work…

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What is CovEnterprises?- TESTING

By Adam Gustine | October 29, 2018

By Adam Gustine Over the past month, we’ve been working through the base vision of CovEnterprises. What is this project all about? In the coming weeks, we will start to…

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What is CovEnterprises?- LAUNCH

By Adam Gustine | October 5, 2018

By Adam Gustine I get the chance to talk about CovEnterprises all the time and I always find myself breaking it down in different ways. My struggle is that there…

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What is CovEnterprises? CONNECTION

By Adam Gustine | September 26, 2018

By Adam Gustine I’m not sure its possible to feel a sense of calling, or passion and drive, for social enterprise and not be just a little bit crazy. Or…

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What is CovEnterprises?- COACHING

By Adam Gustine | September 26, 2018

By Adam Gustine Moving from where we are to where we need to be requires input and guidance from people who have been where we want to get to. We…

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Transformation through T-shirts and Lawncare

By Adam Gustine | September 26, 2018

This post originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 2018 issue of Covenant Companion.  By Adam Gustine Sometimes people call me “the social enterprise guy.” I used to chafe at the label,…

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