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Vocation in a decreasingly local world-2

By Adam Gustine | March 15, 2019

The world is changing rapidly. Becoming more global, more diverse, more urban. There is so much we gain from our globalizing world. But, at the risk of potentially sounding a…

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Examining Vocation and the Dignity of Work- 1

By Adam Gustine | March 7, 2019

Frederick Buechner remarks that vocation is “the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” I love this line. I resonate deeply with it and am inspired by…

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Meet the Enterprises

By Adam Gustine | March 1, 2019

If you look at our marketplace page, you’ll see a growing number of enterprises in the CovEnterprises family. Some of them we’ve had the privilege of helping to launch, but…

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Business in the Neighborhood

By Adam Gustine | February 15, 2019

Over the past three years, CovEnterprises and LMDJ has hosted an intensive on social enterprise at Midwinter. Each year, we have gathered pastors and community development practitioners from inside and…

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Five Factors- Part 6- Material

By Adam Gustine | February 8, 2019

Lastly for our series on looking for natural advantages for your business, we come to the question of material. What does it take to run your business, specifically, what consumable…

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Five Factors- Part 5- Facility

By Adam Gustine | February 1, 2019

One of the biggest challenges a new enterprise will face will be absorbing high facility costs. If you are making loan or rent payments on a facility (likely meaning you…

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Five Factors- Part 4- Labor

By Adam Gustine | January 25, 2019

Looking for a natural advantage when it comes to labor costs is a 3rd factor that will impact the potential success of your enterprise. The challenge with looking for a…

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Five Factors- Part 3- Market

By Adam Gustine | January 18, 2019

A second factor that will have a serious impact on the viability of your enterprise is the question of the market for your business. Who is buying what you are…

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Five Factors- Part 2- Capital

By Adam Gustine | January 11, 2019

The first of the five factors is capital. More specifically, the kind of capital you have access to that you are using to launch your enterprise.  Not surprisingly, many businesses…

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5 Factors- Part 1

By Adam Gustine | January 4, 2019

In our previous series, we wrestled with the question of impact. What kind of impact will your social enterprise venture make in the community? How do you know? How will…

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