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Fleurish Industries is the social enterprise arm of The Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community in New Orleans, LA. Started by Canal Street Church, the Restoration Initiative’s vision for Fleurish Industries is to ‘provide an environment of hope through job training and employment’ in a way that resists the spread of violence, gang activity and recidivism. They develop and operate businesses to provide ‘marketplace reconciliation.’ 

The first business Fleurish started was Fleurish Ecoscapes, an eco-conscious lawn care and landscape company. Providing high quality lawn care creates space for Fleurish to engage the larger New Orleans community while creating jobs for folks in their network and neighborhood. You can learn more at 

Fleurish Printing was their second venture, a screen print shop with the goal of empowering community youth in life and leadership development opportunities. This screen print shop is developing these pathways for youth because they have created a national market for their shirts. They have some compelling concepts to help you bring your ideas and message to life in print. Check them out at 

A third business is Reunion Shoe Company. Reunion Shoe is a fashion shoe company that walks alongside folks transitioning out of homelessness. Shoes are individually designed/created and they offer a number of other clothing items as well. Learn more at 

One of the things I appreciate about the work of Fleurish Industries is the intentional way in which they craft high value employment opportunities that allow employees to chart a course for their own development and future. Rather than predetermine the development pathway for each person, Fleurish works hard to tailor the process for individual nuance and allows people to say, for themselves, what is important to their development and growth in life and work. A compelling vision indeed. Learn more about their overall mission and vision at 

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Adam Gustine leads CovEnterprises for Love Mercy Do Justice and the Evangelical Covenant Church. He is also the founder of Jubilee Ventures; an economic incubator in South Bend, IN. He and his wife, Ann, live in South Bend with their three kids.

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